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Survival Gear Megastore
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Welcome to Survival Gear Megastore. Whether you're a seasoned veteran on your way into battle with terrorists, or you're a cutie-pie looking for a little security, here is where you get started.
Your specific preparation requirements
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What type of disaster are you preparing to survive...


You can't really say you're prepped when your sitting in the dark


From a tarp-covered lean-to, to an inflatable cabin - no matter where you end up, you're gonna need some shelter.


Being healthy isn't just for tree huggers


Between firearms and body armor, who comes out alive can depend on who is best prepared.


Remember - 360 degrees is not all you have to be aware of. Security includes perimeter awareness, electronic listening awareness, and long-range video tracking.


Do you have something someone else might need? Do you need something someone else might have? Become a distributor so you can fine-tune your preparations to the Nth-degree.


ATV, motorcycle, trailers, trucks, mules - you name it. When it is time to get out of harm's way, you probably need some transportation.


Generators, fuel-cans, tanks, siphons, additives, batteries, fuel-cells


Pots, pans, plastic-wrap, aluminum foil, racks, a dutch oven or a cast-iron skillet set, cooking gear is essential


Shoes, boots, sweaters, jackets, coats, belts, you name it - you're not ready until you're dressed


Just like any conflict, it is 1% total mayhem and 99% absolute boredom.


Its nobody's favorite topic, but poor sanitation is ultimately one of the major problems in all pre-WWII conflicts.


Ham, FRS, weather radio, or CB. You need to know the status of what is going on and where to find resources.


Sludge Filters, rain-water catching, actual water, evaporation/condensation kits, water is one of the three top things you need in any emergency.